Thursday, March 19

Re-photographing Portland

Photographer: Mark Power from "The Shipping Forecast" (copyright Mark Power/Magnum Photos)

Photographer: Paul Russell

Wednesday, March 11

Mark McGowan: Ballerina pig outside New Scotland Yard

Well, this is different:


"In an extraordinary art performance artist Mark McGowan is to dance dressed as a ballerina pig outside New Scotland Yard on Saturday 14th march 2009 at 1pm. It is a performance in response to new laws brought in to stop police being photographed.

McGowan says, "the law is outrageous and should be reversed immediately and I will be looking to have my photograph taken with as many police men and women that I can find"."

Monday, March 2

Pentax K10D camera plus kit lens for sale - Edit: SOLD

Edit: The camera has sold at last.

I have a Pentax K10D plus kit lens (18-55 mm) for sale. It was bought in March 2008 and has less than 7000 shots on the clock. It's in excellent condition, and includes two spare Pentax batteries.

Price: £250 including postage (Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery). Payment via PayPal. The camera is for sale within the UK only.

Items included (see photo): hotshoe cover, eyecup, viewfinder cap, body mount cover, USB cable, video cable, software CD-ROM (S-SW55, Photo Browser 3, Photo Laboratory 3), strap, battery (plus two spare Pentax batteries), battery charger with lead, AC plug cord, operating manual in paper and on CD-ROM.

The only item on page 16 of the manual ("Contents of this package") that is not included is the operating manual for the software -- Photobrowser 3/Photo Laboratory 3 -- it was not in my original package. Possibly it is on one of the two CD-ROMs but I can't see it at first glance (I have never used any of the supplied Pentax software).

Also included is the kit 18-55 mm lens (green ring version) with lens hood and non-original lens cap.

I did stick this on eBay for a 7-day auction but the winner from "Leeds", UK, who registered on eBay just a few hours before, was promptly booted off eBay. They are still sending me emails trying to convince me to send the camera to their partner in, wait for it, Nigeria, despite no payment being received.