Thursday, March 27

"The Photograph that Inspired Me" - fLIP magazine

I've written a short piece on "The Photograph that Inspired Me" for the current issue of fLIP magazine. I chose this Tony Ray-Jones photo (which is not reproduced in the mag):

Details about this issue and the magazine are here:

The mag is available in the bookshops at The Photographers Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Serpentine Gallery and others listed in the link above. It's a very nice magazine and this issue features contributions by Julia Fullerton-Batten, Jim Mortram, Anita Strasser, Astrid Schulz and John Philips.

Wednesday, March 26

Weymouth on crutches

Unfortunately, I've been on crutches since early February this year - fractured metatarsal! It's proved an interesting experience, and not as frustrating as I'd feared.

Despite my very limited mobility, I've managed to take a few shots around Weymouth this month:

As always, click on the pic for a larger sized version:

Thursday, March 20

Print sales offer update

I've put up new print sales page where the six prints that I've offered over the past year are available to buy instantly for £35. These are some of my most well known images.

All other prints remain at £150. A two-tier pricing structure!

Friday, March 7

Brighton 2013 update (in 2014)

Last year (2013) between March and October I made a load of trips to Brighton to photograph what the place possibly meant to me. (Brighton in all its dilapidated splendour?)

Before the year was out, I made an edit of 53 photos, and a book of the 53 - as this was a specifically 2013 project, I wanted to produce something tangible in 2013. These 53 are shown in the 12 February post below.

Now that some time has passed, I've taken another look at what I've got, and made a representative selection of 30 photos for the web, with slightly larger picture sizes.

The new gallery is here:

Tuesday, March 4

Tony Ray-Jones footnotes: Ramsgate 1967(ish)

While searching for the well known Tony Ray-Jones “Ramsgate” picture, I came across this impressive version. It’s unusual in that there is more detail present than in all the 20 or so other versions I found online.

There is also significantly more detail present than in the Russell Roberts compilation – this book was widely praised for the quality of the printing and wrung hitherto unseen details out of the Ray-Jones negs, which were often hard to print. There is slightly more of the neg image shown in this online version than in the Roberts book – for example, a schoolboy at the right-hand edge of the picture is less cropped (and lighter/clearer), and there is more of the football visible at the bottom of the frame. Also some murky areas in the Roberts reproduction are revealed to be more discarded pairs of shoes.

So, I thought this version was worth posting below.

Click for full size

This photo is captioned as Ramsgate, 1967 in the Russell Roberts book, but c. 1968 in the Only in England book.