Saturday, June 22

Recent work, 2019 - photos from London, Bath, Bournemouth, Weymouth and West Bay

Eighteen photos from this year...

Clicking on the photos may give you a larger version, or initiate a slideshow, depending on your set-up. Have a go.

Oxford Street, London, street photography
Above: tableaux in Oxford Street, London

Art gallery, Bath
Evening at an art gallery in the city of Bath

Dove, shopping centre, Boscombe, Bournemouth, street photography
A dove in the Sovereign Shopping Centre in Boscombe (a suburb of Bournemouth)

Cat, postman, Boscombe, street photography
Cat-loving postman in Bournemouth

Launderette, dog, Boscombe
Outdoor launderette in Boscombe with customers

Paddleboarder, dog, Weymouth, seaside street photography
On the beach - dog on a paddleboard in Weymouth

Punch and Judy, Mark Poulton, bottler, dog, Weymouth, "seaside street photography"
The Weymouth Punch and Judy goes up... Featuring the bottler and dog...

Punch and Judy, Weymouth, mist, seaside street photography
The Weymouth Punch and Judy in mist

Rossi's Ice Cream, Weymouth, cleaning windows
Rossi's Ice Cream in Weymouth was established in 1937 by Fioravanti Figliolini, and is now run by his grandson, Fulvio Figliolini. Window cleaning is in progress here.

White ducks, Weymouth, flight
White ducks (not swans or geese) in flight...

Ice cream, crows, Weymouth, seaside street photography
As Captain Beefheart once said - Ice Cream for Crow...

Helter Skelter, crows, Weymouth, seaside street photography
Crows on the Helter Skelter in Weymouth

Letters, disused shop, Boscombe, Bournemouth
Letters in a closed-down shop in Boscombe, Bournemouth

Christmas tree, skip, Weymouth Pavilion, street photography
A Christmas tree in a skip outside Weymouth Pavilion

Feet, driver, Boscombe, street photography
Sunbathing on the roof in Boscombe, Bournemouth

electric organ, rubbish, bins, Dorchester
An electric organ put out as rubbish in Dorchester, Dorset

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, ladder, shops
A tableaux on the Pulteney Bridge in Bath

Bicycle, family, ice cream, West Bay, Dorset, cliffs
On the East Beach at West Bay in Dorset. I have around 25 interesting pictures that I've taken in West Bay over the past few years, and I hope to complete a series of West Bay photos this years...

Thursday, May 2

New book – Street Photography – A History in 100 Iconic Images

I’m very pleased to be one of the 100 photographers included in this new book, Street Photography – A History in 100 Iconic Images by David Gibson.

This chronological survey of street photography starts with Edward Steichen back in 1904 and travels through to the present day via Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, William Klein, André Kertész, Vivian Maier, Garry Winogrand, Ernst Haas, Joel Meyerowitz, Elliott Erwitt, Tony Ray-Jones, Josef Koudelka, Helen Levitt, cover star Jeff Mermelstein and, of course, many more. The contents page is shown below.

Street Photography – A History in 100 Iconic Images by David Gibson is out now.


Contents list

Each photo has a double-page spread. Photo: Si Jubb

Vegan and vegetarian Weymouth, UK

In a break from normal programming...

A friend who works as a receptionist at a hotel in Weymouth recently asked me for details of local veggie or vegan places to eat, as he's had an increasing number of visitors ask about meat-free places in the area.

I took a while to put together details for him, and I thought it would be useful to share it here as well.

The HiVe Cafe
All food vegetarian/vegan. Family run.
20 Park Street (near town centre Westham Road Wilkos)
Weymouth, Dorset DT4 7DQ, UK
Currently 11am to 3.30pm Tuesday to Saturday (open Sundays in summer)
Tel: 07867 898498
(No web site)
NB. Not be confused with the well-known Hive Beach Cafe in Burton Bradstock, which is good but not particularly vegetarian. I notice that some reviewers on TripAdvisor have mixed the two up...

I don't currently have any pictures of the venues, so I've picked out a few of my photos from local country shows... Wasp vs bees.

The Secret Garden Cafe
All food vegetarian/vegan
2 Hope Square
Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8TR, UK
9am to 4pm, 7 days a week
Tel: 01305 457300

Nautico Lounge
Bar/cafe, many vegetarian options
Separate vegan menu HERE
63-66 St Thomas St (near town centre Tesco)
Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8EL, UK
9am to 11pm, 7 days a week
Tel: 01305 789242

Monday, March 4

Photos from participants on my London street photography workshop – 8 April 2017

Here’s a selection of photos from participants on a one-day street photography workshop I ran in London in, erm, April 2017. Apologies for the slight delay in posting.

This has got to be the one of the best set of photos from a workshop I was involved with. It's the sort of collective result I hoped for from a workshop, thanks mainly to good participants. There’s a heap of hand and gesture action, and loads of interesting interactions. And you get a sense of the frenetic urgency of central London.

First up, Alex Steger, all the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Alex was using a Leica Q.

Next, one from Sean Pollock, a photographer specialising in portrait work. If you’ve seen a portrait of the former football manager, Alex Ferguson on a book cover or in a magazine, chances are that fellow Scot Sean Pollock took it…

Now one from Angelo Gifford, who has been to several of my days out. Thanks Angelo.

One from Jure Maticic, visiting from Slovenia. Jure was using an Fujifilm X-T2.

Next up, multifaceted photographer Manu Smith-Palomeque.

Sean Pollock. Was life created?

Sean Pollock. One of the instructions I gave was one that Garry Winogrand used to give students, simply – “take a picture of someone doing something to someone else”.

Angelo Gifford. Sunglasses...

Sean Pollock. Sean was using a Nikon D810 with a 24-70mm lens. A hefty combination.

Alex Steger

Angelo Gifford. Angelo was using a Panasonic G6.

Sean Pollock. Pointing...

Jure Maticic

Alex Steger. Change money

Angelo Gifford. Multitasking...

Sean Pollock. Do not cross...

Sean Pollock

Alex Steger. Theatre tickets...

Sean Pollock. Window into building work...

Angelo Gifford

Manu Smith-Palomeque. Reflections...

Angelo Gifford

Manu Smith-Palomeque. Theatre security...

Sean Pollock. Hats...

Sean Pollock. Bins and more...

Manu Smith-Palomeque photographing a U-bend photographer...

Sean Pollock

Sean Pollock. Sean took a lot of photos. Sean can be found on the web here or Instagram here

Angelo Gifford

Sean Pollock

And lastly, Alex Steger

Not bad for an afternoon's work...

Finally finally, a photo I took on my way to meet the group...

There were seven participants, and I've included some photos from all of the five who uploaded photos to the group Flickr pool. The two attendees who didn’t submit photos are still welcome to do so (if you can remember that far back in time…).