Wednesday, December 31

Editioned street photography print sales

I’ve added some editioned prints to the sales part of my web site. Prices are in the region of £400 and can be found here:

I still offer some smaller, open edition prints for £30 or £40 here:

[Bournemouth seaside rides, buggy, helter skelter, roundabout, carousel]

[Half dog, Weymouth 2013]

Wednesday, December 17

All purpose "Neil Hamilton in new scandal" photo

Neil Hamilton pulled out of hustings last week, ending his bid to become a UKIP election candidate. This followed Channel 4 reporting that they had seen a letter from UKIP's finance committee querying his expenses claims.

Given his habit for getting into trouble, hopefully this (rather corny) photo I took of him at the Eastleigh 2013 by-election campaign will come in handy, one day...

[caption: Neil Hamilton, Cash Converters, Eastleigh, meat, cash for questions affair]

Sunday, December 14

Jonathan Jones vs Sean O’Hagan “Is photography art” blah blah blah December 2014

Over the past week, there's been a debate within the pages of The Guardian by two of its writers, Jonathan Jones and Sean O’Hagan, over whether photography is art. That old chestnut.

David Bailey gives a simple answer to this question:

“I don’t think you can say whether something is art or not. Photographs are not art, painting’s not art; it’s whether the person doing it is an artist or not.”*
Almost a truism.

And how does this relate to Duchamp's statement

“I don't believe in art. I believe in artists.”



*Source: this Daily Telegraph interview

Tuesday, December 9

Photos from November 2014. Looking through the windows...

A few photos from around the southwest of England for November 2014

Something might happen if you click on the pictures, depending on your set-up...

[Goulds, Dorchester, after dark, bedding]

[Autumn leaves, Bath, patisserie]

[Autumn leaves, Poole]

[Yule, Christmas, Bath, Whistles, decorations, shopfront]

[Lord's Larder, Yeovil, United Reformed Church]