Tuesday, May 24

Street photography from April 2016, part I - 14 from London

Still catching up with the street photography stuff... Here are 14 photos from April 2016, taken in London. All shot with a Fujifilm X100 (officially not a Fujifilm ambassador).

Clicking on the photos may take you to bigger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up.

[caption 1: Bus stop, Aldwych, hail, shelter, street photography, London, that]

[caption 2: cook, chef, Chinatown, cakes, cliche, London, street photography]

[caption 3: street photography, London, Chinatown, rummaging, bin]

[caption 4: tangerine, bench, off Oxford Street, London]

[caption 5: street photography, London, Berwick Street, van, graffiti]

[caption 6: Soho, dog, backstreets, London]

[caption 7: street photography, London, Soho, chef, mirror drinks]

[caption 8: London, near Savoy, suit, laundry, mannequin, manikin]

[caption 9: street photography, London, bicycle, bike, puncture, hat, taxi, Soho, Broadwick Street]

[caption 10: London, Covent Garden, clusters, groups, workmen, tourists, hi-vis]

[caption 11: street photography, London, bikes, scooters, Macklin Street, Covent Garden]

[caption 12: street photography, London, Gosh! comics, Soho, pigeon, invader]

[caption 13: street photography, London, embrace, Soho, pigeon]

[caption 14: London, Queen, 90, champagne, bike, bicycle, Prince Charles, Evening Standard, near bridge]

Friday, May 20

Street photography from March 2016 - part 2 - Bath and Weymouth

Still catching up - five photos from March 2016 from Bath and Weymouth.

Clicking on the photos may give you bigger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up!

[caption: Bath Spa, photo booth, "Photo-Me", street photography]

[caption: Weymouth, beach, seaside, street photography]

[caption: Weymouth, beach, seaside, dog, crow]

[caption: Weymouth, beach, seaside, digger, earth mover, donkey rides]

[caption: Weymouth, beach, seaside, trampoline, open, swings]