Monday, March 25

Weymouth seafront: reconstructed

This is the time of year when Weymouth seafront is transformed from an expanse of empty sand into fledgling seaside experience. Now just add sunshine.

Click on photos for larger versions. All photos March 2013

All photos © Paul Russell 2013

Thursday, March 21

BBC story: up close and personal in Eastleigh

The BBC were nice enough to run a story about my Eastleigh by-election project, featuring 12 photos. Click here for the full story.

A few direct quotes from the article:

"On my first visit I was struck by the visual interest of the election being played out against the backdrop of a fairly awkward time for the country."

"I became interested in photographing the influence of the media on the events - situations specifically set up for the benefit of the press. I noted how keen politicians seemed to be on getting their picture taken with anyone they could find in a wheelchair."

On using a small camera (the FujiFilm X10) rather than an SLR:

"I often found myself a few feet away from subjects, while the press photographers who arrived this week were further back. With the silent shutter, people usually forgot I was there, allowing me to get mostly naturalistic photos, rather than staged looking pictures."

Tuesday, March 12

Eastleigh by-election: the book

I've produced a 40 pp Blurb book of an edited selection of my Eastleigh photos. It seemed an appropriate format for a short, well-defined project like this with a degree of topicality.

A preview of the entire book can be seen here.

I'd suggest hitting the full-screen button at the bottom right of the preview window, next to the "info" button (and then buying the book, of course!)