Thursday, June 30

Single street photography prints for sale

I currently have a single print available for these five images. Paper size is 15 by 10 inches and prices are £15 UK, £19 rest of the world, including postage! I can recommend the candyfloss one - it's the first time I've had a print made of this one, and I'm pleased with the results. Prints are dispatched in a sturdy poster tube.

Edit (10 July) - only the queue and crows are left now...

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Monday, June 27

Brexit referendum special - Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Flags

It seems that the UK is no longer a member of the EU. Here's some Brexit-related thoughts...

(Clicking on the photos will bring up larger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up.)

[caption: Eastleigh by-election 2013, Brexit, UKIP, dog, press, photographers]

[caption: Eastleigh by-election 2013, Brexit, UK, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Elvis, Elvis Loves Pets]

[caption: Eastleigh by-election 2013, Brexit, handshake, photographing, Nigel Farage]

[caption: Eastleigh by-election 2013, Brexit, handshake, Nigel Farage]

[caption: Punch and Judy, Weymouth, flag, union jack]

Friday, June 24

"Zippy Man" photo featured in Die Zeit

My "Zippy Man" photo is featured on page 19 of the current issue of the German newspaper Die Zeit, dated 23 June 2016 (with an "estimated readership of slightly above 2 million, it is the most widely read German weekly newspaper" - Wikipedia).

The Zippy Man photo was taken in Bournemouth back in 2004, but has recently started to resemble Boris Johnson in my eyes.

As always, prints of the Zippy Man/Boris Johnson photo, along with 11 other well-known images can be bought from here

Sunday, June 12

Street photography from April 2016, part II - Weymouth and Brighton

After the 14 from London from April, here's five photos taken in Weymouth and Brighton from that month.

Clicking on the photos may take you to bigger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up.

[caption: Brighton, violin, chapel, street photography]

[caption: Brighton, graffiti, motobike, photographing, lorry, street photography]

[caption: Weymouth, fish and chips, mirror, seagull, reflection]

[caption: Weymouth, saxophone, flowers, bin, litter]

[caption: Weymouth, dog, seaside, beach, sea, kicking, football]