Monday, August 29

Street photography from July 2016 - photos from Weymouth, Wareham, Swanage, The New Forest Show and London

And now, some of my street photography from July this year. The photos were taken in Weymouth, Wareham, Swanage, The New Forest Show and London (that).

Clicking on the photos may give you larger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up...

[1, caption: London, bubble wrap, street photography]

[2, caption: London, hi-vis, security]

[3, caption: London, bus, bikes, street photography]

[4, caption: London, violin, busker, tourist]

[5, caption: Swanage, prom, beach huts, seaside street photography]

[6, caption: Swanage, seagull, photographing, seaside, beach]

[7, caption: Weymouth, seagull, detectorist, seaside street photography, beach, shore]

[8, caption: Wareham carnival, Wessex majorettes]

[9, caption: countryside, nice horse]

[10, caption: Wareham, scarecrows]

[11, caption: Wareham, swing]

[12, caption: sheep, judging, New Forest Show]

[13, caption: dogs, lead, New Forest Show]
[14, caption: flower tent, New Forest Show]

Monday, August 8

Street photography from June 2016 - photos from Weymouth, Bridport and London

And now, some of my photos from June this year from Weymouth, Bridport, West Bay and that London.

Clicking on the photos may provoke larger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up.

[1, caption: Weymouth, beach, cagoule, seaside]

[2, caption: West Bay, dog in a box, shelter, promenade, seaside, street photography]

[3, caption: West Bay, crash helmets, embrace, wall, seaside]

[4, caption: Weymouth, cycle helmet, crows, beach, seaside street photography]

[5, caption: Bridport, dogs, cone, waiting, car, garage]

[6, caption: Bridport, cows, photography, van]

[7, caption: London, street photography, busker, cone, embrace]

[8, caption: umbrella, Oxford Street, street photography]

[9, caption: Great Newport Street, Cliff Richard, newspaper, steps]

Saturday, August 6

Photos from my Brighton Street Photography Walk/Workshop on 14 May

UPDATE: If you are interested in a similar walk/workshop in Bath Spa on Saturday 1 October 2016 (and maybe the Saturday before), please drop me a line!

And here's a sampling of photos from participants on the street photography walk/workshop I held in Brighton earlier this year.

Angelo Gifford (I don't think anyone else encountered this character, which is odd as we didn't stray too far from each other)

Adrian Turner, who has a blog at and was kind enough to give me a copy of his book Commonplace

Sam Gozna

Martin Smith

Angelo Gifford

Adrian Turner

Martin Smith

Angelo Gifford

Adrian Turner (I think everyone took a photo of her)

Adrian Turner

I carried out the day as a sort of experiment, as I've been asked to do a few workshops in the past by organisations and conferences. (I've said "no", partly because once the organisers have taken their 50%, it seems like quite a costly day for participants.) In particular, I concentrated on some techniques I use for kickstarting inspiration and overcoming "photographers block".

I thought it went quite well, although I could immediately see how a future session could be improved by having more clearly specified goals. Also, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was severely sleep deprived on a day when I really needed my wits about me... But the other two uncontrollable variables - travel and weather - were on our side, so I can't really complain.

I would be interested in doing this again - but somewhere closer to my home in Weymouth, especially as the daytrip commute of 8 hours to Brighton (on a good day) is not feasible in the current climate of Southern Trains chaos.