Wednesday, December 31

Editioned street photography print sales

I’ve added some editioned prints to the sales part of my web site. Prices are in the region of £400 and can be found here:

I still offer some smaller, open edition prints for £30 or £40 here:

[Bournemouth seaside rides, buggy, helter skelter, roundabout, carousel]

[Half dog, Weymouth 2013]

Wednesday, December 17

All purpose "Neil Hamilton in new scandal" photo

Neil Hamilton pulled out of hustings last week, ending his bid to become a UKIP election candidate. This followed Channel 4 reporting that they had seen a letter from UKIP's finance committee querying his expenses claims.

Given his habit for getting into trouble, hopefully this (rather corny) photo I took of him at the Eastleigh 2013 by-election campaign will come in handy, one day...

[caption: Neil Hamilton, Cash Converters, Eastleigh, meat, cash for questions affair]

Sunday, December 14

Jonathan Jones vs Sean O’Hagan “Is photography art” blah blah blah December 2014

Over the past week, there's been a debate within the pages of The Guardian by two of its writers, Jonathan Jones and Sean O’Hagan, over whether photography is art. That old chestnut.

David Bailey gives a simple answer to this question:

“I don’t think you can say whether something is art or not. Photographs are not art, painting’s not art; it’s whether the person doing it is an artist or not.”*
Almost a truism.

And how does this relate to Duchamp's statement

“I don't believe in art. I believe in artists.”



*Source: this Daily Telegraph interview

Tuesday, December 9

Photos from November 2014. Looking through the windows...

A few photos from around the southwest of England for November 2014

Something might happen if you click on the pictures, depending on your set-up...

[Goulds, Dorchester, after dark, bedding]

[Autumn leaves, Bath, patisserie]

[Autumn leaves, Poole]

[Yule, Christmas, Bath, Whistles, decorations, shopfront]

[Lord's Larder, Yeovil, United Reformed Church]

Monday, November 24

Street photography print sales

I've expanded the range of affordably (?) priced signed prints on my web site to include the following six images. These are available as 15 by 10 inch prints for just £40. Other prints are available on request at higher prices.

Click here for Details!

[Bees attack Punch and Judy, Weymouth, seaside, print sales ]

[City tree, Museum of London exhibition, London Street Photography 1860-2010, print sales]

[Toilet dog, print sales]

[CCTV, Bournemouth, print sales, street photography]

[Takeaway, Bournemouth, seaside, print sales]

[Sunflower, Weymouth, print sales]

Tuesday, November 11

October 2014 photos

A dip into my photos from October 2014.

Clicking on pics will enlarge/produce slideshow for some set-ups...


[Taking down Weymouth beach in good weather]

[Taking down Weymouth beach in bad weather]

[Brighton, seagulls, Hovis]

[End of day, Swanage]


[Workers, Brighton]

[Tottenham Court Road, London]

Saturday, November 8

Thought for the day

Thought for the Day

"The only times I contradict myself are never and always"

Paul Russell, 2014

Monday, October 27

In The City. Print sale, October 2014

I have a new print sale. The image is in the permanent collection of the Museum of London, following on from their London Street Photography 1860-2010 show (which had 125,000 visitors). It is also in the accompanying book.

The image was taken in 2008 in The City of London.

[Click image for bigger version]

Price is £15 for UK, and £22 for Europe/Rest of World.

Format: Paper size: 15 by 10 inches. Unframed, unmounted, signed on reverse. Digital C-type print, printed on gloss Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.

Prints are despatched in sturdy poster tubes!

For payment details contact me at

[Print showing borders]

Monday, October 20

Communication overload

The BT Tower, a phone box, a mobile phone, and a mobile phone shop all in one shot just off Oxford Street. There really is no escape...

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[BT Tower and phones, call girls, London, September 2014]

Friday, October 3

Photos from Brighton, 27 September 2014

Three Photos from Brighton, Saturday 27 September 2014

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Brighton beach, pier

Dogs of Brighton

Brighton beach, pier

Tuesday, September 16

Photos from the Frome Cheese Show, 2014

Four photos from the Frome Agricultural and Cheese Show on Saturday, 13 September 2014

Click on the photos for larger versions/slideshow, depending on your set-up.

[Cow tail fluffing, Frome Cheese Show]

[Cow scene, Frome Cheese Show]

[Judging discussions, Frome Cheese Show]

[Thicket of goats, Frome Cheese Show]

Monday, September 15

Street photography inspiration/instruction generator


I am making a street photography inspiration/instruction random generator here.

Designed for those days where everything seems blank and nothing is working. It is primarily intended to be used on mobile phones...

With a nod to Eno and Schmidt's Oblique Strategies and the I Ching, of course...

Wednesday, September 10

Dorset County Show, September 2014

Three photos taken at the weekend at the Dorset County Show. A very enjoyable show.

Click on photos for bigger photos/slideshow (result depends on your device!)

Judging pigs, cup, prizes, country show, Dorset

Glebe herd, pedigree South Devons, prizes, country show, Dorset

Rabbits, selling, country show, Dorset

Tuesday, September 2

Brighton quotes/photos 2013 (Brighton belongs to me)

"Brighton is not exactly England. I have always felt at home here."
Quentin Crisp

"...even shimmering in the rain Brighton looks like a town recovering from a multiple orgasm."
Julie Burchill, Guardian article here

“Brighton is very nice, but I'm not sure about the sea. I think the sea is a mistake. I mean, what does it want, banging and crashing away on the shore like that all day?”.
Quentin Crisp

"Brighton is a town that always looks as if it is helping police with their inquiries."
Keith Waterhouse

Brighton, 2013. Paul Russell. From the series "Brighton Belongs To Me"

Brighton, 2013. Paul Russell. From the series "Brighton Belongs To Me"

Friday, August 29

Masks. Nicolas Cage and Lana del Rey via Oscar Wilde

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
Oscar Wilde

Nicolas Cage (Nicholas Coppola)
“I am still legally Nicholas Coppola but I am Nicolas Cage. I had to reinvent myself. ...

As soon as I went into the casting office under a new name and they didn’t know that there was a connection, I got the part. I felt liberated. It gave me the freedom to become what I wanted to be in my dreams.”

Lana del Rey (Elizabeth Grant)
"I think the reason why I started making music and you know [under] the name Lana Del Rey was really just so I always had a vehicle to actually be exactly who I was … like it was actually a way for me [to feel] free enough to be myself and that was my way of choosing to do that.

Thursday, August 28

London street photography, July/August 2014. Part 2

Once again, looking to add to my "London: The Tourist Guide" series, I paid several visits to the capital in July/August this year.

As the title implies, the series linked to above is intended as my representation of the tourist's eye view of London, focusing on tourist spots, tourists themselves or ironically illustrating some cliched aspect of London life (think "This is London" by Miroslav Sasek).

Click on photos for larger version/slideshow, depending on your device....

"Theatreland", Lyceum, doorway, London

Covent Garden, ballet, opera, telephone box, London

Church wall, St Johns, Waterloo, London

Covent Garden, hair, London

Tottenham Court Road, after rain, London

National Gallery, paintings, Ovid, Delacroix, Christ, London

Wednesday, August 27

London street photography, July/August 2014. Part 1

Looking to add to my London: The Tourist Guide series, I paid several visits to the capital in July/August this year.

Click on photos for larger version/slideshow, depending on your device...

Covent Garden, London

Obligatory map shot, Covent Garden, London

Covent Garden, London

Telephone conversation, St Martin's Place, near National Portrait Gallery, London

"Theatreland", Lyceum Theatre, London

Sunday, August 10

Some photos from July 2014 - from Bath, Lyme Regis, Eastbourne and Weymouth

Some photos from last month from Bath, Lyme Regis, Eastbourne and Weymouth.

Clicking on the photos will give bigger photos/slideshows on many devices.

[Bath, graduation]

[Bath, tour group]

[Bath, shopping trip]

[Bath, waiting at the station]

[Weymouth, ET and the last supper]

[Lyme Regis, beach scene]

[Eastbourne, lost and found]