Thursday, September 1

Bath Photography Walk/Workshop with Paul Russell, Saturday 1 October

This is a practical introduction to street photography suitable for beginners/intermediates, given by well-known street photographer Paul Russell (

It takes the form of an informal walk and discussions around the compact, Georgian city of Bath Spa (with around 3.5 hours walking/shooting and 1.5 hours sitting/discussion).

We will be attempting observational, candid street photography in the tradition of Cartier-Bresson and Garry Winogrand. This will involve taking candid photos – not asking people for portraits. Participants should bring a digital camera so we can preview photos on the day.

Prior to the day, I will review your photos and give some advice on how I think your photography might be improved, and on the day we will try to achieve that.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Spotting possible photo opportunities
  • How to take interesting photos including people, without using a telephoto
  • Methods for overcoming photographers block
  • The importance of having themes in mind when shooting
  • How to be discreet using body language/demeanour
  • Street photography camera techniques, e.g. zone focusing
  • Learning to anticipate and make the most of interesting situations.

The most interesting photos from the day will be displayed together online to provide a psychogeographic profile of Bath…

Date: Saturday 1 October 2016, 12 to 5 pm
A maximum of six participants. Price: £45

Contact if you have any questions or just book using debit or credit card with the button at the very bottom of this post.

About Paul Russell
I am one of 46 international photographers profiled in Thames & Hudson’s Street Photography Now book (the other photographers profiled include Martin Parr and Bruce Gilden).

I am a member of the In-Public street photography collective (, and my work has been collected by the Museum of London. And … I am a former resident of Bath who shoots there regularly…

Please be wary of the growing number of street photography workshops given by people who like to take walks/workshops, but have scant credentials or track record in the genre!

Price: £45. Contact to book/further details.

Photo: Paul Russell, Bath Spa planks

Photo: Paul Russell, Bath Spa dog

Photo: Paul Russell, Bath Spa booth

Photo: Paul Russell, Bath Spa mannequins

Photo: Paul Russell, Bath Spa sightseeing

Photo: Paul Russell, Bristol ladies