Friday, March 27

Encounters on the street - Bath Spa yesterday

Why are you taking a picture of our trolley parking bay?
I have absolutely no idea.

So you are refusing to answer?
I don't have to answer. What do you see there?

What are you talking about?
What do you see there?

I see a dog.

So you are taking a picture of that dog?

OK - that's alright then.

Some of the offending - and not very good - photos

Sunday, March 22

Street photography from Bath, Bristol, Weymouth and Brighton, March 2015

When I travel out of Weymouth, I favour places beginning with "B"

Some photos from March 2015. Click on photos for bigger/slideshow, depending on your set-up:

[caption: Bath, shop window, street photography, poster ]

[caption: Brighton, parasol, beach, seaside, crutches]

[caption: Bristol, cross, religious, street photography, drain]

[caption: Weymouth, cone, beach, seaside, dog, sand]

Wednesday, March 11

Weymouth beach sequence from 11 March 2015

Weymouth beach sequence from 11 March 2015.

Click on the photos for larger versions/slideshow, depending on your set-up:

[caption: Weymouth, street photography, beach, dog, cone, ice-cream]

Monday, March 9

Street photography from Bath Spa and Brighton, 2015

A few from February 2015.

Click on photos for larger versions/slideshow (depending on your set-up):

[caption: Bath, cakes, shop window, till, street photography]

[caption: Bath, queue, sweets, tourists, street photography]

[caption: Brighton, dog, shutters, scooter, street photography]