Wednesday, April 4

Ten photos from March 2018 - putting up Weymouth beach, and much more...

Ten photos from last month in chronological order. From Weymouth, Dorchester and Bath...

Clicking on a photo might start a slideshow, depending on your set-up.

[1. Dorchester dog, snow, Belledorm, Goulds, tree, street photography]

(I narrowly avoided getting stranded in Dorchester - roads had ground to a halt; I got one of the last trains before they also ground to a halt. That's the last time I ignore an amber weather warning.)

[2. Hi-vis, Weymouth, sausage dog, crow, boats]

[3. Weymouth, shadows, hut, ladder]

[4. Weymouth telescope, view point, roof, seaside street photography, beach]

[5. Weymouth snails, dog, woman, beach, seaside]

[6. Bath, Somerset, dog, couples, rope, street photography, people of Bath]

[7. Bath, Somerset, street photography, pasties, rug, mat]

[8. Crows, Weymouth, corvids, line, line-up, queue, formation]

[9. Seagulls fighting, Weymouth, screen, gauze]

[10. Roundabout, Weymouth, erecting, beach, seaside]

I must get round to posting some photos from participants in last year's street photography workshops for the next blog posts...