Sunday, January 20

In-Public: Bangkok bound

I am exhibiting some of my great photos in the upcoming In-Public group show at the TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center), Bangkok.

The exhibition runs from 5 February to 24 March 2013 and features photos from all 21 members of In-Public, including latest recruits Mark Alor Powell and Jiri Makovec.

In-Public movers and shakers David Gibson and Richard Bram will be giving a talk on Tuesday 5th February at the TCDC auditorium to launch the exhibition. They will also be in Bangkok to lead a 3-day street photography workshop on the 1st-3rd February.

This manifestation of photographic loveliness is promoted by TCDC and the British Council.

Photo by Matt Stuart

Thursday, January 3

Digital contact sheet #1. Punch & Judy

Digital contact sheet - DSCF6025-6030 - Punch & Judy loudspeaker
I've just been going through my photos from last year, generally deleting and tidying up. I came across this interesting seqence, taken on 14 April 2012. Click on the "digital contact sheet" for a larger version of the six-shot run of photos.


Contact sheet: