Tuesday, January 16

Ice Cream For Crow - eight photos of the Weymouth beach crows from 2017

Eight photos of the crows on Weymouth beach taken in 2017. Clicking on the pics may start a slideshow/give a bigger version, depending on your set-up...

[crows, Weymouth, UK, beach, horses, pram, street photography]

[crows, Weymouth, UK, beach, dog]

[crows, Weymouth beach, twins, pram, street photography]

[crows, Weymouth beach, blind, tower, street photography]

[crows, Weymouth, UK, beach, mound]

[crows, Weymouth, UK, beach, dog, mound]

[crows, Weymouth beach, donkey trail, street photography]

[crows, Weymouth beach, seagulls, street photography]