Sunday, December 9

Photos from August 2018 - Weymouth, Bournemouth, Bath and the Melplash Show

A strictly chronological journey through some of my photos from August 2018.

Starting off on Weymouth beach on 1 August.

1. Punch and Judy plus handstand, Weymouth.

2. One from the Bestival Festival.
See the separate blog post for more of my Bestival photos here. And there's a video that Si Jubb put together of his and my photos from the festival here.

3. Toy grabber, or non-grabber, Bournemouth pier amusements.
4. In front of Bournemouth Pier.
5. Gull and carton and khaki camouflage in Weymouth.
6. Pedalos in Weymouth. Plus hand.
7. Escaped dinosaur - on the loose from Weymouth Pavilion panto.
8. Cafe gesticulators in the city of Bath. The Roman Baths Kitchen.
9.Bournemouth gull wrestling with a fast-food burger wrapper.
10. Throwing an inflatable ring on Weymouth beach. Rubber ring. Beach street photography.

Now four from the Melplash Show. This country show takes place near Bridport, Dorset every year on the third Thursday of August. It never rains on Melplash day.

11. Goat and handler in front of a tent at the Melplash Show.
12.Fire exit sign and pumpkin (or similar) in a tent at the Melplash Show. Country Show
13. Flowers with wrapping at the Melplash Show. Bubble wrap.
14.In the vegetable tent with marrows, pumpkins and assorted plant life at the Melplash Show. Country Show.

And ending up on The Nothe in Weymouth beach on 30th August.

15. The Nothe, Weymouth. Fishing on a small stone pier/jetty. Featuring a dog.

Monday, October 15

Photography from July 2018: 10 from Weymouth and the New Forest and Yeovil Shows, and more...

A quick summary of my photography from July this year, including some from the New Forest Show and Yeovil Show. The country shows always generate an unusually (for me) large number of photos to go through, and I need to examine them in more detail. I've posted a few that jumped out at me below.

Talking of backlogs - I still have to go through photos from participants from workshops I gave in London and Bath last year - the most ancient being the workshop on 8 April 2017. So in the unlikely event of anyone reading this remembering me claim that I'd post some of their photos here, I haven't forgotten, and will do that soon. Really.

Anyway, here's a few of mine from July this year:

Weymouth gulls
Bath - the Rebecca fountain. Water is Best.
Yeovil Show - judging sheep, and umbrella.
Yeovil Show - hall of mirrors.
On Weymouth beach
Observing a seagull on Weymouth beach
Photographing at the Wareham Carnival
New Forest Show - donkey/cattle airlift scenario
New Forest Show - National Vegetable Society
New Forest Show - in the horticulture tent

Thursday, August 16

Photos from the Bestival festival, 2018

After taking a short break from festival going – my last music festival was Reading 1993 – I had the chance to go to Bestival at short notice a couple of weeks ago. The festival was running from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th August, and followed on from its sister festival, Camp Bestival , the week before.

Based on the Lulworth Estate surrounding Lulworth Castle in Dorset, the festival looked like a short hop from my home in Weymouth, which would allow me to commute in. Four days of good weather were forecast.

So, leaving my tent at home, I took the train and shuttle bus, and had a look at the opening day on the Thursday afternoon. This turned out to be mainly a recce day for me. A lot of activities and areas were being set up, and – as a 50-plus year-old man – I was already wondering if I was getting a bit long in the tooth for an event that’s popular with uni students. Unlike Reading 1993, neither New Order nor Trumans Water seemed to be on the bill.

I was interested in photographing the event, and could see straight away that the papers would be full of great or serviceable photos of bright young things in sequins and glitter, and long-lens photos of music headliners on stage. I couldn’t really compete in that arena.

So, how could I make sense of this festival – both to enjoy and to photograph? I came home on Thursday night and took a look at the festival website and Wikipedia entry.
There was a promising section on the festival website called It’s Not All About The Music. OK then, I’ll avoid photographing the music, especially as everyone else will be doing that… I’ll photograph all this other stuff. I noted down a few terms and ideas that interested me, including this year’s festival theme, Circus, and returned for Saturday and Sunday… 

Thursday afternoon. Things were being set up, and this was mainly a recce day for me. Here's some practising on the high wire. This year's festival theme was CIRCUS.

On to the Bestival weekend. Two pianos with accompanying people in the Ambientland area.

Not medical emergencies but festival-goers paying for the intravenous vitamin drip experience.

Yoga in the Slow Motion area. "A whole arena dedicated to reenergizing and rebalancing, from mindful running and meditation to re-centering yoga, disco dancing and restorative therapies."

Gazing in wonder at a mysterious hut in Ambientland.

Blossom in front of the Utilita power tree (a USB phone charging point and DJ booth).

An ancient, imaginary proverb says "a peacock is always just out of reach".

Couple with parasol in front of the USB charging tree.

Umbrella and litter pickers in The Lawn area - a genteel bit next to Lulworth Castle.

D&F Bros Grand Indian Circus after a performance next to Lulworth Castle, with the Love-Bot robot in the background.

The entrance to Caravanserai "An arcadia of vintage caravans, wurlitzers, objets d’art and alchemy, Caravanserai is a cocktail-fuelled hedonists’ paradise, filled with brain-warping delights, raucous gypsy-bathed madness, popup circus performance and fat brass-powered beats." With two stages, a bar and toilets, you could probably have spent the whole festival in this enclosed area...

Generic revellers shot. Thanks guys.

Hula twirling while watching a performance in the Caravanerai.

Fire engine as communal fancy dress.

A huge disco ball and The Big Top - the Bestival festival's second stage.

Relaxing outside a tent in The Lawn area.

Umbrella, tent and helter-skelter at Bestival.

The Batala Samba band

A large illuminated leaf in Ambientland.

Relaxing in the wooded area of Ambientland.

Tightrope rehearsal

Tightrope performer and son.

It was four days of almost continuous blue skies and heat, so trees were suddenly very popular.

Taking a break from some sort of golf-related activity to watch the main stage at Bestival - the Castle Stage.

Photographing the D&F Bros Grand Indian Circus

Tightrope walking in the atmospheric Caravanserai area in the evening.

Free water and Bestival officials rocking the B&Q look.

Heading towards the exit. End of the day, Sunday...
Next up - photos from July 2018. Or maybe a compilation of my photos from the Melplash Country Show.