Monday, September 1

Street photographers – the saturated streets of London

I was walking down Villiers Street towards the Strand on Saturday when a couple of elderly American (I guess) tourists passed by me. Big glasses, loads of character, wearing coats despite the summer heat and humidity. I thought to myself – "they look like they've stepped out of a Bruce Gilden picture".

I turned round with the vague thought of getting a picture of them, when that instant a man steps up with a camera and off-board flash, crouches a little and zaps them from close up – just like Gilden.

They seemed completely unfazed by the experience.

I took the photo below a few seconds afterwards. The elderly American tourists are not featured - I thought they'd been photographed enough for one day.

Villiers Street.


Anonymous said...

Sure it wasnt the great man himself? How are you finding street photography in London, Paul? I've only tried a handful of times, but am never that happy with the results.

Paul Russell said...

Hi Martin

This photographer was, I'd say, in his mid-30s and with long curly hair. So, definitely not Gilden!

London is quite a trek for me up from Dorset on the train, so I only get up to photograph for a day most months. But in terms of success rate per hours spent wandering around, it's my favourite location.

BennehBoy said...

Keep an eye out on flickr dude :D

Paul Russell said...

Ben - no sign of it yet...