Tuesday, February 11

Three photos of the Red Arrows

I seem to have quite a few photos that feature the Red Arrows, at least tangentially. Here's three, for example:

Click on the photos for larger versions/slideshow.





Connie said...

Dear Paul,

the photo from Brighton is simply the best!

Cheers, Connie

Paul Russell said...

Thanks Connie. Hopefully the last print I sent out to you made it OK?

Connie said...

yes, Paul,

it arrived safely and it makes me happy all the time when I look at it. Sorry for not informing you on the arrival... my fault

I am re-arranging my wall for my "Paul Russell Collection", have to buy or order some frames as I bought the wrong size lately ;=)

The zipper man consoled me a lot in the last time, when I had a lot of working pressure;=)



Paul Russell said...

Glad to hear the last print got there OK Connie. I'd like to see a photo of the "Paul Russell Collection" wall sometime!

Connie said...

Paul, give me some time.

When it is really spring, energy will awake and I will do it ;=)