Sunday, March 5

Street photography from October 2016 - Bath and Brussels

And catching up a little more - some photos from October 2016. This month I went to the Brussels Street Photography Festival - it was a great new festival and a good weekend.

Clicking on the photos may give you larger photos or a slideshow, depending on your setup.

[1, caption: Bath, deer, stag, seagull, gull, street photography]

[2, caption: Bath, Cross Bath, monk, street photography]

[3, caption: Bath, photo booth, street photography]

[4, caption: Bath, street performer, kilt, Colin]

[5, caption: Brussels, Brussels Street Photography Festival, BSPF, wheelchair, rushing, crowd, padlock, street photography]

[6, caption: Brussels Street Photography Festival, BSPF, Forrest Walker, Dmitry Stepanenko, Fabian Schreyer, Dan Oshi, Brussels]

[7, caption: Brussels Street Photography Festival, BSPF, Brussels, bus stop, red, light, night]

[8, caption: Weymouth, beach, seaside, poodle, pool]

On a personal note, I also gave a talk in Brussels, and ran a workshop in Bath (not "Bath Spa" - I blame an imaginary intern and/or press officer for this error):

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