Thursday, August 9

Street photography from June 2018: Weymouth, Bath, Bournemouth, Bridport and Swanage

Twelve photos from June 2018, in strict chronological order.

Photos are from Weymouth, Bath, Bournemouth, Bridport and Swanage. Clicking on photos may start a slideshow or give bigger versions, depending on your set-up...

Weymouth beach, funky slush, cone, seaside street photography

In the city of Bath - cones, bench, wheelchair

In the city of Bath. A man walks past the Rebecca Fountain, erected by the Temperance Society. It carries the inscription "Water is best"...

Waiting on Bournemouth station.

A small dog in a deckchair on Weymouth prom. Seaside street photography.

At the Bridport Food Festival. The stall of B8 Bubble Waffles.

On the way from Bridport to West Bay (and vice versa)

Weymouth M&S lost boot scenario.

Weymouth. A pair of swans raising cygnets react to a passing dog. This was In-Public photo of the month for June.

A horse on Weymouth prom.

A busy scene on Swanage prom. Seaside street photography. Rubber ring.

A couple relaxing in deckchairs on Bournemouth pier. The beach was busy...
Next up - at Bestival festival...


Connie said...


again I am struck by your talent to catch the right moment, phantastic!

Paul Russell said...

Hi Connie. Thanks very much!