Thursday, August 27

The Melplash Show - a compilation of photos from 2006 to the present day....

11 am, 27th of August 2020:
normally on this day - the last Thursday in August before the Bank Holiday - I would be photographing pigs at the Melplash Show right now.

I've photographed this one-day country show in Dorset just about every year since 2006 (I missed 2012 due to illness).

Unfortunately, this year's show is not taking place due to the dreaded virus, so I've quickly put together a compilation of 30 of my Melplash Show photos.

You can also find them at my website here.


Connie said...

I love that gentleman with his donkey - companions!

And I love your show-photos, makes me long for a visit as well!


Paul Russell said...

Thanks again, Connie