Sunday, August 30

Weymouth Tourist Information Centre/August 2020 in Weymouth photo series

Unfortunately, there is no Tourist Information Centre in Weymouth, but I am attempting to create a photo series this month, with a photo taken on Weymouth beach on every day for the month of August.

So far, as of 30th August, I've managed to get an acceptable shot every day. For some days I have a few contenders; on other days, just a single shot. I won't make my final selections for each day until the project is (hopefully) finished, but here's a sampling of shots so far.

Of course, if I miss a day through emergency or just being rubbish, I've blown the whole thing.

31 August, Bank Holiday Monday - mission accomplished...

1st August

2nd August

3rd August

4th August

5th August

6th August

7th August

7th August, again

8th August

9th August

9th August, again

10th August

10th August, again

11th August

12th August

13th August

14th August

15th August  

15th August, again

16th August

17th August

18th August

19th August

20th August

21st August

22nd August

23rd August

24th August

25th August

26th August

26th August, again

27th August

28th August

28th August, again

29th August

30th August

31st August, Bank Holiday Monday


Connie said...


definitely #12 !!

Nobody sees the people like you, I love it!

Cheers, Connie

Paul Russell said...

Nice to hear from you, Connie.